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BBCs Call for Action on Radon

Radon gas has featured in this weeks Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 where property expert Martin Roberts discusses the lung cancer risks and simple steps that can be taken to reduce risks during radon awareness week.  Martin discusses with Jeremy the fact that radon risks are increasing as we migrate to more energy efficient [...]

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Double Glazing risk factor

Modern building practices are contributing to increasing levels of radon gas according to researches from Public Health England.  A recent study has found that the average radon concentration in homes with retrofitted double glazing is 67% higher than those without.  Read the article on our charity partners web site about the findings.   https://www.roycastle.org/could-energy-efficient-homes-increase-lung-cancer-risk/

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No Time to Lose

Radon Action have pledged our support to IOSH’s No Time to Lose Campaign which focuses on raising awareness and reducing risks from occupation cancer.  In partnership with our clients we are committed to joining the fight to reduce risks from radon related lung cancer.  The IOSH Campaign provides resources to help Companies tackle important causes [...]

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Star Awards Sponsership

Radon Action are delighted to be sponsoring this year's 'Star Awards' at the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation annual awards ceremony in Liverpool.  The award recognises an individual who has worked tirelessly to support the charity.  Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is the UKs only charity dedicated to lung cancer providing help and support across [...]

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Radon Action in partnership with the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Radon Action are delighted to announce that we are partnering with the UKs only dedicated lung cancer charity by providing radon risk management services for their properties as well as corporate donations to the charity.  Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and businesses inside Radon Affected Areas are required to complete [...]

Radon Action Supports Radon Awareness Week

This year's national campaign focuses on exposure to radon for children and the inherent risks of developing lung cancer in later life. In support of the Radon Awareness Week we are now offering heavily discounted costs for schools and nurseries who are yet to complete a radon risk assessment. For further information please get in touch [...]

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Radon Action Charity Support Continues

Radon Action continue to support cancer related charities through our annual customer donation scheme. Rather than making corporate gifts, every year we ask our customers whether they would like us to donate to a cancer related charity that is close to their hearts.  In 2017 we donated to Cancer Research, Action Medical Research and Macmillan Cancer Support [...]

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Radon Action – Winter Radon Warning

You can’t smell it, see it or taste it but it’s the second highest cause of lung cancer. Radon gas can build up to levels that create a lung cancer risk but it’s a scientific fact that levels of radon get much worse in winter. This is because as the outside temperature reduces this affects [...]

Radon Action supported by Wakefield City Council

Radon Action are delighted to be promoting our services with support from Wakefield City Council’s Business Support Team. Wakefield, and wider parts of West Yorkshire are known radon hotspots and with the Council’s support we are working hard to raise awareness about lung cancer risks in this region. Radon Action have featured in a number [...]

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Radon Action at the PHE Annual Radon Forum

We were once again delighted to attend and participate in the National Radon Forum on 9th November 2016 at Public Health England’s Head Office. The event coincided with Radon Awareness Week and European Radon Day, held in memory of Marie Curie who discovered radon over 100 years ago. Highlights from the event included clarity on [...]

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